Medical unit I

Prof. Javed Akram

Prof. JavedAkram is the Principal, CEO and Professor of Medicine of Allama Iqbal Medical College/Jinnah Hospital, Lahore. He is also the chairman of Department of Medicine. Medical Unit-I is the Model Medical Ward catering to the in-patient and out-patient needs in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology and Diabetology and Nephrology. Recently CPSP has recognized Medical Unit-I as a designated endocrine and nephrology fellowship training site, and honor unique to this institution.


MRCP-UK; FRCP-London- Edinburg-Glasgow
Prof. Arif. M. Siddiqui

Headed by Prof. Arif. M. Siddiqui (MRCP-UK; FRCP-London- Edinburg-Glasgow) and ably assisted by Dr. Abbas Raza and Dr. Ameena Hasnain. Has bed strength of 55 patients but has accommodated and managed up to 80 patientson busy days. Additionally this ward specializes in Endoscopy and diseases of liver and intestines. We are also in charge of the Jinnah Hospital Endoscopy unit and in year 2010 performed 1378 diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopies.

Medical unit III

Prof. Zafar Iqbal

As one of the four medical wards, this unit provides both indoor and outdoor care to the patients of all disciplines. It has bed strength of 60 beds for admission. The residents provide round the clock treatment and care to the indoor patients. We provide emergency cover for 36 hours per week and extra 24 hours monthly.

Medical unit IV

Prof. Sardar Fakhar Imam

The unit also conducts clinical and educational workshops for training of specialists. Medical Unit-IV has published three original research articles in year while two research projects have been completed and two are in process of approval. The unit has set up a computer lab on self-support basis. Endoscopy unit has established in ward on self-support basis performing diagnostic & therapeutic endoscopies twice a week and provision of central oxygen supply is under process again on self-help basis.

Surgical unit I

Prof. Masood Rashid

Surgical unit-I is headed by Prof. Masood Rashid, Chairman and Head of Department of Surgery. The unit comprises of six bays, four private rooms, a conference room, five offices and a classroom. The unit is particularly known for its advanced laparoscopic surgical procedures. An average hour’s emergency coverage to patient from Lahore and large catchment area from west and southern Punjab is provided.

Surgical unit II

Prof. Abul Fazal

The dedicated and motivated team of Surgical Unit-II specializes in advanced laparoscopic, hepatobillary and vascular Surgery. In a short period of time the Unit has become a referral center for these cases from all over the province of Punjab. The unit its own fully functional and well organized daycase surgery center were more than a hundred cases are being managed every month

Surgical unit III

Prof. Zafar Ali Ch

The department is headed by. FCPS, FRCS General Surgeon with special interests in hepatobiliary, laparoscopic and endocrine Surgery. FCPS Part II exam course is organized in the Unit after s every six months. Special follow up clinical is started with in the ward for the post of major cases, off routine s cases, breath cancer cases. One going research projects are laparoscopic VS open appendectomy, thyroidectomy without drain, laparoscopic vs.open appendectomy, thyroidectomy without drain, laparoscopic vs open mesh hernioplasty and gynecological emergencies in General Surgery.

Surgical unit IV

Prof. Dr. Zahid Niaz

The Department is headed by Prof. Dr. ZahidNiaz. The department is keenly involved in training of undergraduate and post graduate training for FCPS, MRCS, IMM. The department has special interest in advanced laparoscopic surgery, Surgical oncology &hepatobiliary pancreatic Surgery. Research activity topics includecholangiocarcinoma, Mastectomy frozen section, sentinel node for CA breast, laparoscopic approaches in hernia repair and burn management.

Gynae unit I

Prof. Amtullah Zareen

Prof AmtullahZareen is the head of this department.We are actively involved in undergraduates and post graduates teaching and training with astructured training and residency programme including formative and summative assessments .In addition we conduct intensive post graduate preparatory course,guest lectures,grooming classes and workshops. We had ten original publications last year. We also contribute to outreach health care programmes.

Gynae unit II

Prof. Arif Tajammul

Gynae unit II is 70 bedded teaching unit of Jinnah Hospital /AIMC. Prof ArifTajammul is the head.This unit admits about 9425 patients per year. With average daily delivery rate of 30- 50.This unit has two OPD days in which average 250-300 patients are seen. Moreover there are five specialized clinics infertility clinic,Fetomaternalclinic,Oncologyclinic,Menopause and Contraception Clinic.

Gynae unit III

Prof. Muhammad Tayyab

The Gynae Unit III was established at Jinnah Hospital in June 2009. It is headed by Prof.MuhammadTayyab.The unit is located on the 3rd floor along with other Gynae units and equally sharing emergency,OPD and Gynaesurgery.The 5th annual long course for FCPS II was held in March-April 2010 while the 6th is going to be held in April 2011.Eight research papers were also published in different local journals in 2010.Several studies are ongoing.A vibrant system of teaching/learning activities with regular PG assessment in tests is in place.

Department Of Paediatrics

Prof. Dr. Tariq Bhatti

Department of pediatric Allama Iqbal Medical College under the dynamic leadership of Prof. Dr. Tariq Bhatti . A70 bedded unit under-graduate training, recognized for FCPS, MCPS and DCH and having three CPSP registered supervisors, each having adequate number of trainees.Our emergency and diarrhea sections are catering all pediatric medical emergencies round-the-clock, round-the-year single-handed with an in-patient visits of 31621/year and in-patient visits of 31621/year and in-patient admissions of 13200/year.

Orthopaedic Unit I

Prof. Nusrat Ali

The department is headed by.The teaching staff includes associate professor of Dr.Shakeel Khans Ghauri. Assistant professor Dr. Rashid Saeed. The average annual input of indoor and OPD patient is 1800 and 21000, respectively. The othopaedic department provides round the clock emergency services. On an average 5750 major procedures and 1800 minor procedures are carried out annually.

Orthopaedic Unit II

Prof. Ghulam Murtaza Cheema

The Departments is headed by. The teaching staff includes associate Prof. Dr. ZizullahBajwa, assistant prof. Dr. TehseenRiaz. We have total thirty three beds for indoor patients. The average number of patients attending in OPD is 20,000/ammum. We provide emergency OT both major and minor procedures are being performed. On electives list around 1000 major procedures and 1500minor procedure are performed/ annum. We are providing services in general orthopaedics, pediatric orthopedic, trauma, spine surgery and replacement arthoplasties.

Department Of Anesthesia

Prof.Shahida Khawaja

The Department is conducting teaching classes for FCPS-II trainees on every Friday & for MCPS students on every Tuesday regularly along with hand on skills & daily bed side teaching & training for FCPS-II & MCPS trainees. The department also conducted 2nd intensive course for nurses with hand on skills successfully, CPR hand on skills for intermediate module, and House Officers & ICU nurses. The department also contributed in hand on skills SPR workshop arranged by the department of Gynae& Obstetrics in October.

Department Of Cardiology

Prof Zubair Akram

It is the only department providing round the clock emergency services seven days a week. This department is equipped with 20 beds and having diagnostic facilities of echo, ETT and department of intervention including coronary, peripheral angiography, pace maker, insertion and PTMC etc. Last year approximately more than 1000 angiography were done with around 150 angioplasty and approximately 7000 echocardiographies. The department is also carrying out teaching programme for house officers and post graduates trainees

Dermatology Unit I

Prof. Muhammad jahangir

The dermatology department Unit 1 is one of the state of the art dermatology departments of the country headed by PROF. MUHAMMAD JAHANGIR. The department gives particular emphasis on clinical dermatology, academics and research. It has a 34 bedded indoor facility and a busy outpatient with an average turnover of 150 patients. Various therapeutic and diagnostic procedures are being carried out. The department is equipped with a LASER unit for hair removal, UVA and narrow band UVB phototherapy chambers and iontophoresis. Patch testing for contact dermatitis and microscopy for fungus is done regularly.

Dermatology Unit II

Prof Azeem Jahangir

The department is headed by Prof Azeem Jahangir Khan. Within a very short period of 6 month this department has been recognized by PMDC and CPSP for the post graduate training of FCPS and MCPS in dermatology. Moreover, MD programmes shall be started soon in collaboration with UHS, Punjab University and Post graduate Medical institute in Lahore.

Department Of Ent I

Prof Zubair Iqbal Bhutta

ENT I Department headed by DR. Zubair Iqbal Bhutta.It consists of a total of 30 beds. Detailed teaching rounds are taken by the Consultants in the morning & evening. Consultants are available round the clock for management of emergencies. Regular teaching sessions of undergraduates & post graduates are carried out. These include weekly lectures on basic topics by house officers, grand round lectures by other department’s consultants and case presentation by PGR& discussion of the management by the consultants.

Department Of Ent II

Prof. Rashid Zia

ENT II is headed by Prof Rashid Zia. Consists of total of 24 beds.Daily morning and evening rounds are conducted by senior consultants. Their services are available round the clock. Patient counseling is being dine.OPD is done thrice aweek.On average around 160 patients are getting out door consultation on asingle day. On average 8-10 patients are admitted through OPD.About 19,300 patients have been examined in OPD this year. Major and minor procedures are carried out thrice aweek.

Department Of Diagnostic Radiology

Prof. Dr. Nasir RazaZaidi Ch.

The Department of Diagnostic Radiology is headed by Prof. Dr. NasirRazaZaidi Ch. (Associate Professor).Daily turn over of the patients is about 400/per day. The Radiology Department is providing cover to the Inpatients, Outpatients and 24 / hour’s emergency cover in Ultrasound, X-ray & CT. The Department is equipped with all types of conventional and modern Radiological facilities. The facilities available are conventional x-rays, fluoroscopic procedures, Ultrasound, Color Doppler Ultrasound, Ultrasound guided interventional procedures and CT scan, (CT scan is providing 24/hours emergency cover for trauma cases).

Department Of Oncology

Prof. Zeba Aziz

Department of Oncology is headed by Professor Zeba Aziz MD. The Department is approved for post-graduate training in Medical Oncology (F.C.S. and M.D.). In addition to male, female and pediatrics ward, 7 new isolation bays have been constructed for leukemia patients. The Department has now shifted to a new Oncology Ward on the 4th floor. A separate state of art outpatient chemotherapy infusion room has been built by a generous donation from AIMCANA.

Department Of Psychiatry

Prof. Saad Bashir Malik

This department is headed by Prof Saad Bashir Malik. In the year 2010 7982 patients in OPD, 384 in indoor were treated. This department is conducting teaching and training programme for under and post graduate students. Research works are being done. We are providing free psychiatry services at DHQ Hafizabad, SughraShafi Hospital Narowal and haji SherDewanBurewala permanent clinic.

Department Of Pulmonology

Prof. Dr. ZafarHussain Iqbal

The department is headed by Prof. Dr. ZafarHussain Iqbal Department has been shifted to newly constructed, purpose built premises on the 4th floor of Jinnah Hospital in June 201. The inpatient capacity of the department has been increased to 55beds including 5 bedded HDU. The department is actively involved in teaching and training of undergraduate students (MBBS) and postgraduate doctors of FCPS pulmonology, MCPS pulmonology, DTCD and FCPS. General medicine on rotation.More than 12,000 OPD and 1100 indoor patients are charteredbythe department every year.

Department Of Ophthalmology Unit I

Prof. Samina Jahangir

The department is headed by Prof Samina Jahangir. This department provides state of art at diagnostic medical and surgical treatment for wide variety of diseases. It is equipped with field analyzer and fundus fluorescein angiography machine to aid in the diagnosis and management of Glaucoma, retinal and neuro ophthalmic diseases. It also provides Phaco emulsification and intraocular lens implantation. It has 40 bed indoor facilities and provides excellent learning opportunities for undergraduates and post graduates students.

Department Of Ophthalmology Unit II

Prof Azeem Jahangir

The department is headed by Prof Azeem Jahangir Khan. Within a very short period of 6 month this department has been recognized by PMDC and CPSP for the post graduate training of FCPS and MCPS in dermatology. Moreover, MD programmes shall be started soon in collaboration with UHS, Punjab University and Post graduate Medical institute in Lahore.

Department Of Urology

Prof. Muhammad Saleem Akthar

Prof. Muhammad SaleemAkthar. The department is actively engaged in the under and post graduate training. The department has 55 beaded indoor facilities. Lithotripsy and Haemodylasis.Laprosecopic urological surgeries are recent addition, it has well organized kidney transplant program. Last year 12000 OPD and1417 indoorpatients were treated .1235 operations performed including 20 kidney transplants. About 935 patients were treated with extra corporeal shock Wave lithotripsy and 4000 Dialysis sessions were performed.

Department of Nephrology

Prof. Hafiz Ijaz

Department of Nephrology was established in November, 2008 as part of the ambitious initiatives taken by the Principal of Allama Iqbal Medical College, aimed at providing state of art medical care to our patients in all medical specialties. The department provides consultative nephrology services, maintenance hemodialysis, acute emergency hemodialysis, acute peritoneal dialysis and pre and post-operative care of renal transplant recipients. During the last year over 9000 dialysis treatments have been provided. Dialysis center is running with active collaboration of Sheikh Ejaz Ahmad Trust.

Department Of Plastic Surgery

Dr. MuazamTarrar

The plastic surgery department consists of one Associate professor, one senior Registrar and four post FCPS fellows working as Medical Office, one registrar, eleven FCPS-II trainees, 5 MS trainees and three house officers. The unit contains 23 beds 4000 patients on an average in our outpatient department and total inpatient admissions were 510 during one year. 647 operations were performed duringlast year. Our unit provides 24 hour emergency cover. We provide micro vascular limb replantation services around the clock and have the distinction being the first and the only unit in the country.

Department Of Radiotherapy

Dr. CaptinMubasshir Ali

The department is headed by Dr. CaptinMubasshir Ali. It started functioning in April 1993 on OPD basis and followed by indoor patient services. It was first clinical department in Jinnah Hospital to provide treatment for cancer patients. This department is equipped with High Energy Linac, Cobalt 60 teletherapy unit, and remote after loading brachytherapy unit, Simulator, computerized treatment planning system, survey meters and personal dosimeters. All types of cancer are treated in department.

Depatment Of Anatomy

Prof. Dr. Nosheen Omar

The department of Anatomy is headed by Prof. Dr.Nosheen Omer. The teaching faculty includes two Associates professors, three Assistant Professors, and twenty four Demonstrators. The teaching schedule consists of daily Lectures, Dissection &Practical’s of Histology for both first year and second year M.B.B.S classes. Department is also engaged in teaching B.Sc.

Department Of Physiology

Prof. Naila Hamid

The department is headed by Prof Naila Hamid. The department is equipped with a practical laboratory, research laboratory and computer room to facilitate the undergraduate and post graduate training. It is engaged in the teaching of physiology, BScnursing, physiotherapy and medical lab technology students. During the last years multiple publications by the teaching staff have been published in the Journal JAIMC

Department Of Biochemistry

Prof. Nasrullah Khan

This department is headed by Prof Nasrullah Khan. It has the well-equipped and spacious undergraduate lab and a research lab to facilitate the under graduate and post graduate teaching. The department is actively involved in teaching of first and second year MBBS, B.Sc. nursing, physiotherapy and BSc medical technology classes. During the last year multiple research papers have been published in recognized medical Journals.

Department Of Pharmacology

Prof. Syed M.Saeed Anwar
Prof. RiffatMehmood Butt

The Department is headed by Professor Dr. Syed Muhammad Saeed Anwar with Professor Dr. RiffatMehmood Butt as the 2ndProfessor.The Department is involved in teaching pharmacology to 3rd year MBBS Class. Besides General Lectures Tutorial classes are conducted regularly.Thedepartment is also extending training in pharmacology to students of BSc.

Department Of Pathology

Prof. Noshin Wasimyusuf
Prof. Maleeha Aslam

The department is headed by prof. NoshinWasimyusuf with Prof.MaleehaAslam as the 2nd Professor.It is a highly active and progressive department involved in undergraduate MBBS teaching and post graduate teaching in FCPS Histopathology M. Phil Histopathology, M. Phil Hematology and DCP as 4 years BSc (Hons) Medical lab Technology degree course.

Department Of Commmunity Medicine

Prof. Naheed Humayun

Prof. NaheedHumayun is the head of the department.The department contributes a lot to impart quality medical education through interactive teaching and comprehensive training of under and postgraduate students in the field of community medicine and public health. Small research projects are conducted.The faculty has participated in many national and international research projects in collaboration with WHO including; Tetanus toxoid vaccination coverage.

Department Of Forensic Medicine And Toxicology

Prof Shahid Hanif
Dr. Tajammul Hussain

The department is headed by Associate Prof ShahidHanif. Along with teaching of 3rd year MBBs class, about 2512 medico legal cases were examined and certified by the doctors of this department during 2010. The medico legal autopsies are also been conducted by the staff since15th May 2009. 515 autopsies have conducted by now.

Research Institute

Dr. Riaz-ud-Din

Allama Iqbal medical research Centre was established in Feb 2010 on the directive of the prime Minister of Islamic republic of Pakistan. The Centre is located on the 4th floor of Jinnah burn and reconstructive surgery Centre located on the campus of Jinnah hospital Lahore. There are two aspects of research studies being pursued at the newly establish Centre. Firstly investigations are being made to elucidate the genetic and molecular basis of hearing and vision impairment and mental retardation.

Medical Superintendent

Dr. Muhammad afzal shaheen

Dr. Muhammad afzal shaheen [M.B.B.S, D.C.H., D.H.A.] is a renowned Health Administrator and enjoying excellent repute in the Health Department. He has a vast experience in the health sector. He has played a vital role in uplifting the institution. He is also working as Secretary to Board of Management AIMC Jinnah Hospital Lahore and President Patient welfare association. Under his dynamic leadership Jinnah Hospital Lahore emerged as model hospital in the province.

Finance Department

Finance department is committed to ensure transparency in the utilization of financial resources of the institution for catering the needs of patients’ students& faculty to the entire satisfaction of the management.Budgetary allocations are composed of government grants and institutional receipt.

Finance department is committed to ensure transparency in the utilization of financial resources of the institution for catering the needs of patients’ students& faculty to the entire satisfaction of the management.Budgetary allocations are composed of government grants and institutional receipt.


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